Hope after the Storm

We were so happy when we found out that we were pregnant with twins.  After months of fertility treatments, it looked like we were going to get everything we ever dreamed for plus more.  After developing HELLP Syndrome and having to deliver at 29 weeks, we thought the worst was over.  Unfortunately, 12 days later we had to say goodbye to our son after he developed NEC and was too small to fight off the infection.

Devastated and in shock, I was beginning to spiral into a terrible depression.  However, my tiny little 1lb 12oz surviving twin was lying in the next isolette and needed the love and support of his mother.  His fighting spirit saved me and I am blessed and grateful that I get to watch my little miracle grow into a loving, mischievous boy. After spending two months in the NICU, we were able to bring our miracle boy home!

At my six week follow up appointment, I was convinced that my doctor would tell me never to get pregnant again.  I stared blankly at her when she said that it would be best to wait six months after my c-section before getting pregnant again.  After everything we went through?  We could possibly have more kids?

After much discussion and after talking with doctors, my husband and I decided that we would try again to give our beautiful son a younger sibling. We waited for his first birthday and were shocked that after all the trouble we had to get our twins, we were pregnant our first try.  Our rainbow baby is due in January!

Deciding to get pregnant, getting pregnant, and staying pregnant has not been easy.  Like any modern day mama, I went searching the web hoping to find others who went through similar situations.  Since it was difficult, I decided to share our story in hopes of raising awareness for infertility, HELLP Syndrome, and infant loss.  Thank you for reading our story about the hope we have after going through a terrible storm. 

Dum Spiro Spero. 💜


One thought on “Hope after the Storm

  1. Melissa Anelli says:

    I am so excited to read this blog. You have come so far, and that little Joey has taken his and Connor’s spirit with him into this world, turning him into a little powerhouse of love and mischief. He’s a testament to the kindness of his parents and exemplary of the resilience he’ll need in this world.

    Your story is important, and I’ve watched you bring it close to your heart and make it part of your DNA. The way you feel compelled to raise awareness on an important issue based on your history is part of one of the many things I love about you and your wonderful soul.

    Keep writing keep writing. Princess, strong arm, purple heart. ❤


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