Milestones of a Nervous Mother

During our twin pregnancy, I started to get sick at 24 weeks before delivering at 29 weeks and two days. When I was put on bed rest at 27 weeks, my motto at the time was one week at a time, then one more week until we could delivery safely. We made it two weeks. As scared as I was, the quick decision of the doctor gave my boys a chance and saved my life as well. After talking with the doctor who kept me in the hospital long enough to give me two steroid shots, she confessed that she thought she was going to have to deliver the twins that weekend. I’m grateful we were able to go two more weeks.
Early in this pregnancy, I went through my calendar and marked dates and milestones, or goals for my mental well being. Whereas many women use the trimesters as their major milestones, mine are different. Last pregnancy it was easy to hide our pregnancy from our family since we live in a different state. It was impossible to hide it from coworkers due to the morning sickness hitting me hard. This time it was easy to hide from most friends because I wasn’t working. However, since a trip up north was planned about a week after finding out we were pregnant, my family found out right away. When one grows up in an Irish-Italian family, turning down a beer or a glass of dinner wine is an instant give away that something isn’t right. 😉

Our first major milestone was eight weeks and our “promotion” from the reproductive endocrinologist office to our regular OB-GYN. Our second major milestone was entering our second trimester and happily announcing that our rainbow baby is due. Our third milestone was our consultation with the Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM or high risk) doctor and not being picked up for their services. Our next milestone is our twenty week ultrasound that takes place tomorrow.

With the twins, we had ultrasounds at almost every appointment since it was difficult to get both babies on the fetal monitor. I became spoiled by that. This will be our first ultrasound since we were 11.5 weeks. With the constant nerves and nightmares that I have been having, seeing my baby girl dancing on the ultrasound screen will be a huge relief for me. I’m grateful that I have been able to feel her more than I felt the twins, but there is something about listening to that little heart beat that calms a nervous mother. To me it is the most beautiful sound in the world.

Going into the second half of our pregnancy means that the number of our appointments will increase. Our ultrasound will be followed up by an appointment with our doctor where we will sit down and discuss the plan to keep both the baby and me healthy until we can reach full term. As scared as I am, I’m feeling hopeful that we will make it far enough along to where I will be able to hold my baby as soon as she is born.


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