29 weeks and 2. It was this day during my last pregnancy that my doctor called me into her office for a NST and blood pressure check, just to be safe. The nurse almost forgot to check my blood pressure and grabbed it right as we were about to leave. Two hours later they were born.
This past week my blood pressure acted up prompting my doctor to bring me in to labor and delivery while she was on call. The fear and nerves were high and I couldn’t help but think that we were heading down the same path as last time. I was grateful that my labs were great and an adjustment to my medicine has helped lower my blood pressure.

The anxiety and nightmares still haunt me. Last night I dreamt that I went into labor and when I woke us, pancake was kicking me so hard it felt as if my whole uterus was spasming. My anxiety was high and I couldn’t relax. I ended up getting out of bed at 3am and hoping into the shower to calm my nerves. It worked and I was able to crawl back into bed and fall asleep. My husband of course slept through everything, ๐Ÿ˜›

Tonight I took a picture with my surviving twin at 6:18, as a celebration of officially being pregnant longer than I have ever been pregnant before!

Hoping to add several more weeks to this record!


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